Graphic Designer Job, The entire process of identifying requirements, envisioning, and producing graphics, including illustrations, logos, layouts, and pictures, falls under the purview of the graphic designer position. The aesthetic elements of websites, publications, periodicals, product packaging, exhibits, and more will be shaped by you.

Graphic Designer Job Overview

Company Name Acme Services
Post Name Graphic Designer
Job Type Regular, In office
Work Mode Work From Office
LocationDelhi, India
Experience Freshers
Category Private Jobs
SalaryUpto 2.5 LPA
Official Website
Graphic Designer Job

About Acme Services (Graphic Designer Job)

In 2011, Acme Services started its journey. We were founded by three driven experts, and we have expanded greatly since then. Because of our experience in this area, we have evolved into many companies’ one-stop HR one-stop HR Solutions partner. Acme will employ about 125 people by 2022. Our goal is to serve as all major brands’ exclusive HR partner and handle their hiring requirements.

Graphic Designer Job

Service Offered By Acme Services

1.Permanent Staffing

We find Full-Time Employees (FTE), who are screened at our end to make sure they are the ideal fit for your company, to fill your permanent employment needs. We are able to collaborate with businesses of all sizes to supply top personnel across multiple industries because we specialize in permanent recruitment. We are able to quickly deliver the most qualified people and aid in the optimization of your hiring process thanks to our enormous database, which contains over 3 million eligible individuals, and our team’s specific understanding of important industry verticals.

2.Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

We can take on the task of outsourcing your company’s recruitment function and manage it from beginning to end. As a talent consultancy company, we have a wide range of skills, access to top-notch resources, and a strong dedication to innovation. We can successfully address difficult and complex talent needs thanks to our skills. We are able to deliver streamlined recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solutions that boost efficiency and propel performance thanks to our extensive experience across numerous industries and geographies. With our help, you may take advantage of RPO solutions that are uniquely tailored to your company’s requirements.

3.Contract Staffing

We also cater to contract staffing requirements. We handle the complete process, right from contract drafting to pay disbursement. Contract staffing arrangements typically involve a contract between the company and the individual providing the services. The contract will outline the terms of the arrangement, including the scope of work, duration of the contract, payment terms, and any other relevant details. Overall, contract staffing can be an effective way for companies to manage their staffing needs and access specialized talent on a temporary or project basis.

4.Temporary Staffing

Our temporary staffing solutions will help your organization during staff shortage and with time-critical projects. Temporary staffing has become an increasingly attractive option for businesses operating in dynamic markets. At our company, we understand the value of agility and cost savings, and we offer a range of temporary staffing solutions to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. With a highly trained workforce located across 20 locations in India and our use of cutting-edge technology, we provide cost-effective temp staffing solutions that enhance efficiency, boost productivity, and maintain compliance across a diverse range of skill sets.

5.Payroll Management

We provide complete payroll management services. We currently process 1000+ payments per month for various organizations using the latest payroll management software. As a premier payroll transfer organization with years of experience, we offer employers unparalleled assistance in finding staffing solutions in their preferred location. Our team of professional consultants has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field, and we maintain a vast database of professionals at all levels to ensure that we can fulfill all of our clients’ requirements.

6.Executive Search

We help close leadership positions – C-Suite, Board Members, Directors, VP etc. At our organization, our headhunting team is composed of specialists who are fully immersed in their respective domains. They possess the expertise and knowledge necessary to help you find the right leaders who can guide your organization towards a successful future. By leveraging their extensive networks and deep understanding of industry trends, our team can connect you with top-tier candidates who possess the skills and experience needed to lead your organization to success. With our help, you can be confident that you’ll find the right leaders to help pave the way forward for your organization.

7.Training & Development

We conduct training and development programs for teams. We have tie-ups with leading trainers in different industries. We also provide team-building solutions. At our company, we are widely recognized for our expertise in training and development services. We understand the importance of providing solutions that are practical and effective. Our comprehensive training and development programs are designed to support your staff and external stakeholders in transitioning from application design to practical utilization.

We aim to bridge the knowledge gap between traditional and modern systems, empowering users to experiment, learn, make mistakes, and explore new opportunities without fear of negative consequences. By providing an immersive and supportive learning environment, we help to boost user confidence and promote the adoption of new technologies. Our goal is to help your organization stay ahead of the curve by equipping your staff and stakeholders with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

Role And Responsibility For Graphic Designer Job

  • Establish Visual Concepts
  • Develop design layouts;
  • Produce a design for ads, brochures, periodicals, and corporate reports;
  • Meet with clients or the art director to establish the project’s scope;
  • Work with B&M Managers to identify the message the design should convey.
  • Team coordination with internal customers and partners,
  • Coordination of file release and processing at printer and prepress, concept design, fact gathering, processing, idea generation, and refinement
  • Speaking with the product teams
  • Visiting the stores
  • Provide marketing and commercial materials for communication design.
  • Uphold deadlines and high standards for quality.
  • Work closely with the group and offer assistance.
  • Uphold a supportive workplace
Graphic Designer Job

Skills and Requirements For Graphic Designer Job

  • Application of graphic designing techniques
  • Active listening and understanding of the business
  • Problem Solving and Creative Thinking
  • Good Verbal and written communication
  • Ability to work independently

Education Requirement For Graphic Designer Job

  • Any Graduation
  • Bachelor’s degree (at least 12 months experience)
  • Any Post Graduation

Work Location For Graphic Designer Job

Delhi, India. Work From Office profile.

How To Apply For Graphic Designer Job ?

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