ShareChat Job Internships 2023

Company NameShareChat
Post NameIntern (Punjabi – SC Live Ops – Agency management)
Job TypeInternship
LocationBangalore / Remote, Work From Home
ShareChat Job Internships 2023

About ShareChat (ShareChat Job Internships 2023)

ShareChat is India’s largest homegrown social media company, with 400+ million monthly active users across all its platforms including Moj, a leading short video app that was launched in a record 30 hours.
Founded in October 2015, with a vision of building an inclusive community that encourages & empowers each individual to share their unique journey and valuable experiences with confidence.

ShareChat is valued at $5 bn. We are spearheading India’s internet revolution by building products through world-class AI & tech to evangelize the content ecosystem for India in regional languages.
We believe in complete ownership of problem-solving while committing to speed and integrity in everything we do. We place the utmost importance on user empathy & strive to work towards creating a world-class experience for them every day. Join us to drive how the next billion users will interact on the internet!

ShareChat is a dynamic and vibrant social media platform that has taken India by storm. With its unique features and extensive user base, ShareChat stands out as a leading platform for connecting with others and sharing content in multiple Indian languages. In this article, we will delve into the various aspects of ShareChat that make it a popular choice among users.

ShareChat greets its users with a visually appealing and intuitive interface. Seamlessly integrating design elements, the platform ensures that users can navigate through the app effortlessly. From the moment you log in, ShareChat offers a well-organized layout, allowing users to quickly access the features they need.
One of the standout features of ShareChat is its inclusivity and diversity in language options. The platform supports a multitude of Indian languages, catering to the diverse linguistic landscape of the country. Whether you prefer Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, or any other regional language, ShareChat has got you covered. This language inclusivity fosters a sense of belonging and ensures that users can express themselves in their preferred language.

ShareChat Job Internships 2023

ShareChat takes the dedication to regional languages a step further by offering a vast collection of content in each language. Users can explore a wide range of articles, videos, memes, and trending topics specifically curated for their preferred regional language. This personalized experience enriches the user’s interaction with the platform and encourages them to engage with content that resonates closely with their cultural background.

ShareChat has undoubtedly emerged as a powerhouse in the Indian social media landscape, offering a unique experience to its users. With its user-friendly interface, language inclusivity, diverse content, and engaging features, ShareChat continues to captivate and connect people across India. Whether you are looking to express yourself, learn a new language, or simply immerse yourself in entertaining content, ShareChat provides a vibrant platform to do so.

About the Team (ShareChat Job Internships 2023)

The team is the driving force behind building India’s biggest original Indic content ecosystem and short video space. Playing a pivotal role in matching the content supply and demand on ShareChat & Moj. From devising the content strategy to managing creators to ensuring community guidelines, the team is always at the top of everything content.

Sharechat Live is meant for the ShareChat user’s community to get into an audio chat and text chat with fellow users. You will be responsible for designing and driving interactions in the livestream, identifying new user demands, and building the right supply. We are looking for some curious minds to be a part of one of the biggest features of India’s leading Social Media platform – ShareChat.

Job Description (ShareChat Job Internships 2023)

  • Review ShareChat and other platforms or sources, to discover talented creators through agencies in specific categories.
  • Build long-term relationships with creator agencies.
  • identify the right agencies for building creator supply to facilitate growth on SC Audio Live.
  • Present and train on SC process Guidelines to Agencies.
  • Facilitating social media engagement during internal campaigns and challenges through agencies.
  • Regular communication with agencies, collecting feedback, and suggesting ways for them to drive more engagement.
  • Identify the right creators and agencies for building supply to facilitate revenue growth in Audio Livestream.
  • Understand the virtual gifting behavior and help creators monetize through user engagement.
  • Communicate with Chatroom audience and hosts about ongoing events, recharge offers, rewards, and internal programs through various channels.
  • Liaison with stakeholders across content and live audio category teams to decide, develop, track, and analyze key performance metrics.
  • Contribute towards designing an awesome user experience for both the hosts & the audience through creative brainstorming sessions.

Requirements For this Job Role (ShareChat Job Internships 2023)

  • Excellent assertive communication – help people have a wholesome experience in the Live Audio space, both as a Host and an Audience.
  • Cultural Knowledge – If you can easily figure out, if not already know, what people from a specific region/language like or dislike, then you could be the ‘chosen one’.
  • Number Crunching – When all is said and done, only numbers matter. You should know your way around Google Sheets/Excel, Basic Functions (Pivot, VLookUp), and relating two seemingly different metrics.
  • Language Proficiency – You should be able to read, write, and speak well in English and Punjabi.

Work Location (ShareChat Job Internships 2023)

Bangalore/Remote, Work from home

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